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The Good Stores at Ashford Garden Centre and St John’s Garden Centre are both open for business.

We plan at this stage to operate a self -isolating shopping experience and the normal shopping (albeit at a distance.) Due to the ‘local’ nature of a majority of our products we envisage supply should not be an issue.

If you are not self isolating

The shops will be open as usual next week. We will offer a “distanced “ shopping service so if you bring a list and we can help put your order together.

If you are self isolating

Currently we believe that the best way forward for us to serve self isolating people is as follows:

Email your order through to

Order by Monday 6pm for collection Wednesday

Order by Wednesday 6pm for collection Friday

Please state your location and phone number and a list of your requirements.

Please state if you will be collecting in person or name someone that will be collecting on your behalf.

Please state your preferred collection time (this is just to give us an idea if we need to manage peak times) and which location (Ashford or Newport)

Please state your requirements

We envisage the following products will be available.

Milk Cartons. 2l, 1l, 1/2l

Fresh Bread

Chickens (Friday only)

Vegetables and Fruit: Large Box £10, Small Box £5. (potatoes, carrots, onions, greens etc) or bespoke

Tony’s Meat

Local Eggs

Smoked Fish

Cheese. Please specify

Plus ask for other needs and if we can we will!

Payment: We will phone you with the value of order and a card payment can be taken over the phone.

Collect: Orders will be left labelled at the front of the shops so can be collected in an isolated way. Park close to the shop and one at a time you can leave your car to collect labelled box/bag labelled with your name. Obviously someone else may collect on your behalf.

Drop off points: We will also potentially deliver a number of orders to a drop off point. So far we have one in Marwood but are looking to extend this for groups.

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